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For over 20 years, this small-town firm has been helping local businesses like yours reach greater heights. We are growing—but the most vital things will never change.


Amy Wissing

Amy founded LDC over two decades ago when she was still in college, working towards an education degree. Her first jobs were marketing pieces for local craftsmen and a fire company–and little has changed for the Bird-in-Hand native, except now she oversees an in-house team, offers more design/marketing services and has an extensive roster of clients, nearly all of them home-grown Lancaster County businesses involved in the manufacturing of consumer and specialty products. 

She prides herself on the long-lasting working partnerships she and her team have forged with LDC clients, in whose success they feel personally invested. “We’re small business owners together,” she says, chuckling, “We may as well have a desk at their office and answer the phone.” Also, perpetually rewarding is that feeling of success she experiences as her LDC clients grow and expand. “Being part of other people making things,” she explains, “and being part of that little piece of Lancaster County that makes it out—whether it’s candy or carriages or furniture—is really cool. It’s a feeling that never gets old.”

A deft squirrel-herder and multi-tasker, Amy can flip her laptop open in the middle of a pasture and get to work—or strategize away at a farmer’s kitchen table with a group of Amish children intently watching her. She is our founder, culture architect and CCTO–Chief Client Trust Officer. And a music pedagogist for life.

account liaison

Isabella Bawell

This versatile project manager and administrative assistant works closely with founder Amy Wissing, helping clients with everything from day-to-day business communication to creating social media accounts and coming up with new product names. “It’s different every day, every month—and it all absolutely connects,” she says of her work. Nicknamed “The Power Assistant” and “The Expeditor,” Isabella has dual degrees in hospitality and food science, and originally hails from Virginia. “It’s really rewarding to be working for a company that does care so much,” she says of LDC. “They genuinely stand behind everything they do.”

Isabella is an ardent thrift shopper, lover of chemistry and early stage Kombucha brewer who is sometimes spotted buzzing about the countryside with clients in her MINI Cooper, aka Lancaster’s Smallest Amish Taxi. She is also our resident product merchandiser, on-set stylist and a cultural anthropologist who possesses uncanny accuracy at forecasting trends.

senior designer

Lisa Camp

Catalogs. Product photography. Graphics, photo editing, compositing and even software. These are some of the projects Lisa Camp has executed for clients during the last 7 years at LDC. A creative with an engineering mindset, Lisa has a degree in fine arts, yet was an early adopter of computers and spent years working in the mechanical engineering department of a biotech firm on the West Coast. “While a lot of my training and skills are visual,” she points out, “I also have a pretty good handle on data, so I’m comfortable in both realms.” She finds it easy to speak the language of manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and enjoys exploring the culture and landscape of Lancaster County via her work at LDC. “Just working in an environment where my commute takes me through farmland,” she says, “and where you have to contend with livestock when you’re going to visit somebody is a delightful change of pace.”

The visual muscle behind many of our most enduring campaigns, Lisa is a client whisperer who fluently speaks the language of graphics, advertising, photography, Photoshop and data—then seems to effortlessly render them into bull’s-eye deliverables. 

Publication & Marketing Specialist

Lisa Campbell

At LDC, Lisa Campbell coordinates classified ads and manages customer service for a popular Amish-to-Amish publication, and also contributes to marketing projects as needed. She’s a seasoned marketing manager, having spent over 30 years at local firms creating strategic marketing plans to help clients reach their business goals. Lisa enjoys the collaborative team environment at LDC and the flexible, boutique-like approach when it comes to services offered. “For clients, we’re really an extension of their family owned business,” she explains. “The team is just so collaborative and supportive that people can pitch in and support different client needs as they change. So if someone comes on board for a print project, for example, and they end up wanting some web and social media, there are team members to pitch in on that.” 

A right-brain creative with a knack for formulating real-world marketing strategies, Lisa’s an even-keeled practitioner who represents the steady hand on the tiller. She is always cool, friendly and calm, and spends many hours each week buttoning up the big and small details of a popular ad publication, where she flexes her ninja-level prowess at deciphering tricky handwriting and highly creative spelling.


Constance Dunn

Constance translates the true stories and voices of our clients into compelling print and digital content—from profiles and articles to podcasts and videos. She also formulates new brand identities, and refreshes existing ones, for businesses, products and organizations. A true strategic creative who has been writing, branding and producing for over 15 years, she brings a deep appreciation for entrepreneurism to every project. She has a Master’s in Communication Management from University of Southern California; and in a former life she taught branding at the University of California, and was a quantitative research analyst and consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

A native of the East Coast who lived on the West Coast for many years, Constance basks in the open spaces and zero-freeway life of Lancaster County. She’s always up for discovering and broadcasting the fascinating origin stories of our local clients, who inspire her with their dawn-to-dusk work ethic and freestyle approach to innovation.

Publication & Digital Marketing Specialist

Erika Gray

Erika, too, can usually be found working on a weekly Amish-to-Amish ad publication, handling everything from orders to invoices, while also supporting clients by creating websites and social media accounts, email campaigns and graphic design projects. “I do a little bit of a lot of things,” she describes. Erika has been with LDC for 5 years, and she enjoys the variety of tasks and industries she engages with at the firm, as well as its highly customized approach to each client. “We don’t come to a client with a set program or process,” she points out. “LDC goes to the client and figures out what their needs are—then figures out how to make the process work, whether it’s email, Internet, faxing or face to face.” 

A keen mental gymnast who switches between projects and tasks like a driver on Turn One at Indy, Erika is also admired for her ability to translate complex technical jargon into clear, down-to-earth prose. And designing killer swag for our clients.

Custom software and business systems

Travis Hammonds

Travis is a software engineer who designs one-of-a-kind custom business systems. A business enthusiast and programmer who’s been working across the full stack (front- and back-end) for over 5 years, his career began when he and a friend built software for their competitive sports tournaments.

“People need systems that cater to them, rather than a one-size-fits-all,” he explains. To that end, he’s drawn to the anything is possible nature of software, and designing new solutions for the most complex cases. “Even if something hasn’t been done yet,” he says, “you always know there’s a way to do it.” Which leads to one of his favorite parts of his work: The moment a system he’s built clicks into place, and it’s all systems go. “It’s a huge boost in serotonin,” he says, “and feels so good.”

Travis enjoys the vast scenic differences in Lancaster County, from open farmland to its bustling Downtown. He enjoys keeping pace with new tech and is always seeking new ways to improve code and help local businesses, particularly those that don’t typically use computer technology. 

Directory Editor

Lou Ann Hoerner

Lou Ann is responsible for processing, typing and formatting ads for the local Amish-to-Amish publication, which she sees as an effective community business tool. “It’s interesting to me that they took such a simple concept,” she says, “and made such a big book out of it. It’s very, very popular among the Amish.” The longtime Lancaster resident was previously involved with data entry as part of her job in guest services at Bird-in-Hand Corporation, a local hospitality organization; and prior to that, worked with Computer-Aided Design (CAD). With her work at LDC she comes full circle in her data entry career, having first learned to type many years ago in high school, when two electric typewriters were shared among the entire class. 

Reared on a farm in a Western Pennsylvania coal town, Lou Ann is a skill-packed grandmother who takes great photographs, loves to garden and seamlessly switches between right and left brain tasks. 

Web Developer & Designer

Francheska Ramos

Francheska is a web/digital powerhouse and end-to-end project manager who twines a strong creative sensibility with a strategic business mindset. She has a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts,  and during the last 15+ years has designed hundreds of websites and created compelling online presences for clients across industries—from retail and healthcare to insurance, home services and more. “It’s all about that balance of knowing how to make something look good, and making it functional as well,” she says of her work. Backing up her web and design prowess is a keen understanding of visual branding, as well as a solid tech background that has her utilizing user interface (UI) tools and Google Analytics, along with marketing automation and CRM software. “I’ve always been into computers,” says Francheska, who’s studied software engineering. “I can remember being six years old, working away on the big laptop that my mother brought home from work.” 

An eternal creative, Francheska stays inspired by strolling through museums and working with polymer clay to fashion colorful jewelry designs by hand. She enjoys the great coffee shops and visual beauty of Lancaster County, as well as its emphasis on faith. 


Justin Watkinson

A graphic designer with strong creative and account management skills, Justin collaborates with clients to create or refresh the visual signature of their companies, whether it’s logos, signs or other fundamental company graphics. He has a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and has been working in the field for over a decade. At LDC he works with clients in the local community, learning about their business goals and desired visual style, then producing imp actful visual identities for them. A volunteer fireman, Justin is currently designing the graphics for a local fire company, which he particularly enjoys. “Some of the things that make LDC more successful is that it’s small, so communication amidst the team is easy, and working together becomes simple,” he points out. “Also, a client doesn’t get lost amidst a larger company. And we’re all pretty much local, too, so it’s investing in our community as well.”

Justin is admired for his ability to take the most vague client brief and translate it into a spot-on visual rendering that’s attractive as it is concise.  A father, a treehouse builder and a field trip bouncer, Justin is always the automatic shoe-in to liaison with emergency service clients, since he’s a firefighter who fluently speaks their language.  
Manager, Weekly Ad Publication

Tonya Watson

Tonya oversees a fast-growing, Amish-to-Amish ad publication. She processes and coordinates materials for publication and handles customer service, whether by postal mail, phone or email—applying the same level of detailed care she honed during her time as a certified nursing assistant. She enjoys working with fellow Believers, and appreciates the positive team environment at LDC, where she has worked for 2 years. “There’s a lot of positivity and encouragement for one another,” she says of the firm’s culture, which extends to its clients: “They meet clients where they are, and are very flexible and extremely supportive. The teamwork is phenomenal.” 

Tonya’s work motto is: “Whatever it is, we can fix it.” Which is nice since she’s in charge of customer service for a busy ad publication. She has a knack for eliminating negative feelings in the minds of others, she can tackle postal mail like it’s 1986 and when it comes to email, her goal and standard is “Inbox, Zero.”

Staff Pup


A welcoming Cavapoo who is genetically much more Cavalier King Charles Spaniel than Poodle, Penny is our resident greeter. She is typically eager to show off her tricks, stare intently into your eyes or initiate brisk walks—usually in quick succession. She occasionally moonlights as a catalog model on LDC photoshoots. 

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